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Hi! This is Dr. Mike Cohen. Healing Mastery is about getting things right and working with your bodies internal wisdom. It is the accumulated result of your choices and actions. I will be your guide and mentor in optimizing your health and wellness. This process begins by becoming awake and aware. These are essential. You need to be aware of your surroundings, your internal state as well as what resources that you have available, how well you can tap into them and develop access to new resources. As your doctor, coach, mentor, I will show you step by step how to tap into these and develop the strategies and action steps needed to achieve the results that you desire. Whether you have a disease or condition that you would like help with to overcome, whether you would like to get your body weight and composition to a level that is ideal for you, or you would like to maximize your health and/or fitness goals, I am here to show you the way.

Let me begin by mentioning that I am obsessed with great health, maximizing wellness, optimizing nutrition, continually developing fitness and keeping up with the latest research in optimizing all of these. Nutrition is easy, the science has been out for a long time, it's just that the market is littered with misinformation for the purpose of selling goods and services that are not needed and in most cases are harmful. I will help you filter through all of the mass "knowledge". We happen to live in a very information rich environment, unfortunately, it is severely wisdom deprived and in many cases, it is deviously contrived to advance someone's finances at the expense of your health. With some very simple habit tweaks and lifestyle modifications, a little bit of "re-education", leaps and bounds in your health and wellness can be achieved.

I live, eat and breath what I teach. I am an example of my own advice. When choosing someone to work with in any aspect of your life, I highly recommend that you choose someone that practices what they preach and have the results to back it up. For example, do not get wealth-building advice from someone struggling with finances, do not get weight loss advice from someone who is themselves overweight, do not get business advice from someone who has never run a business. And certainly do not get health advice from someone who is not a full glowing example of health. Just because someone attended and graduated from medical, chiropractic, naturopathic college or any other professional institution, does not automatically make them an expert in their field. Books are a great source of learning and anyone can read books and advise people, but only if someone does the thing, do they know it! It's easy to say that you know something, but unless you do it, you do not truly know it (otherwise you would be doing it).

When it comes to healing mastery, there are many aspects of your life that need to be addressed. My approach is to begin with the game-changing things first. You can do a thousand tiny things that will give you an accumulated 5% increase in your wellness, or you can implement two or three major changes that will cause an 80% or more increase in your wellness and quality of life. I choose to go with the things that will benefit you the most and then gradually fine-tune the smaller things in order to get you better and better. It's the way that I address my own health, fitness and nutrition needs.

I have chosen to pursue a career in chiropractic, so obviously you can expect that I prioritize that state of the spine and nervous system to be paramount in optimizing your health and wellbeing. Second to that are your lifestyle choices and habits. I will sit down with you and review all of these so that together, both you and I can develop a program of care that suits both your short term and long term needs. I invite you to include your family members in your quest for greater health, remember what is good for you is also good for them as well. It is not very complicated to achieve full glowing health, but it does take some effort and the willingness to do the work and make some changes. For example, pain in your body is telling you three things; 1) stop what you are doing. 2) pay attention to what is going on. 3) what needs to change? If you are willing to address these, you are well on your way to overcoming your health challenge and optimizing your health and wellbeing. If you choose to work with me, my job will be to show you the way and to help keep you on track. You must take ownership of your own health and be responsible for where it is currently, and where it is going from here. I am here to make this an easy process for you, by guiding you, by motivating you and by applying my supreme skills as a network chiropractor to help you optimise your health and wellbeing.

I look forward and will be pleased to work with you and to serve you and your loved ones in your quest for greater health. Feel free to book your initial consultation with me online, or call my office at (416) 500-5437

Love and blessings,

Dr. Mike


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