It’s time to Celebrate!

Hello and Welcome! You are invited to our Awakening Day – A One Day Retreat Devoted to Healing and Transformation.

Healing deserves a special party and so do you! Join us and give yourself and those you love the gift of the Awakening Day Experience.

Dr. Mike Cohen and his team join talents once again to create a rich tapestry of 3 NSA entrainments, SRI, plus yoga, meditation, music, inspiration, fun, release and joy within a conscious healing community.

*Online Registration is now closed.

The Awakening Day is an opportunity to go beyond the individual Network office experience. This special day is a collective resonant experience empowering participants to express their innate gifts. With the guidance of Dr. Mike and his team, you will better experience and understand the Levels of Care, the Stages of Healing, the Network Wave, Spinal Gateways and your own Energetic Intelligences.

Immerse yourself in the powerful, vibrant and unique energetic field of the Awakening Day experience. Witness, deepen and advance your strategies for wellness wisdom, NSA Levels of Care, Somato Respiratory Integration and community. Boost your Network Care, wellness and life resourcefulness.

Join us and be a part of this sacred healing day.

Every so often, gateways of possibility open up, that when stepped through can alter the course of your life forever.  

These gateways are opportunities where taking one seemingly small step can move you beyond any doubts, fears, or need for certainty into your true passion and purpose.

What is possible at the Awakening Day?  Well, that depends on who you are and where you are at in your life right now:

  • Maybe you feel stuck, like you’re spinning your wheels and not getting any closer toward what you really want in life.  
  • Maybe you’re ready to raise your standards and live with with more focus, congruence and accountability.  
  • Maybe you’re on fire and you’re ready for a massive mental and emotional breakthrough.
  • Maybe you want to experience more divine grace, clarity, gratitude, soul energy and fulfillment.

Whether it’s one or all of these things, the Awakening day will deliver.  

Recently Dr. Mike and his team have been in the kitchen revamping and whipping up some new recipes for taking the Awakening Day to the next level, and this is going to be an AWESOME program, so here’s my advice: If you’re interested, my suggestion is to REGISTER NOW ( date TBA).

All of the details are on the registration page.

If you’re unsure about whether the program is right for you, talk to Dr. Mike ASAP.  If you already KNOW that it’s your time to be there, then when registration opens be sure to enrol. 

We look forward to sharing this magical healing day with you.

With Love and Gratitude,

Dr. Mike and team.