Here is a quick tip for you. Whether you are climbing or on a flat, use what ever gearing necessary to sustain a cadence of 90-100 rpm. This frequency is in line with your energetics and natural rhythms. This is how you will develop pedaling efficiency and keep your knee joints healthy for the longterm. Success in cycling is not about leg strength, it is about sustained power output which is dependent on developing your fitness level and having efficient access to the correct fuel in your muscles. This applies weather you are cycling or running. Get my free report above for more information.

So you get bonked racing up a hill? You are likely glycogen depleted. Simple solution, sugar! 10 out of 10 times, ketos get dropped. Carbs for the win. Find out how to get lean, fit and have unlimited energy, long term, by signing up for my free report in the above sign up box.

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All nuts are available on a first come first served basis. I will cut off orders when we reach wholesale minimums until the next wholesale minimum has been reached. My ordering system will take backorders and these orders will be placed on hold until we reach our next minimum quantity. For example, almonds come in a 55lb bag, I’ll accept orders until we reach the 55 lbs and then order the next 55lbs of almonds when we reach an other order of 55 lbs. They are great for making vegan cheese, nut butter, nut milk and of course they are great on their own. Don’t worry, if your order quantities do not make the cut for the current stock, place the backorder and you will be first in line for the next batch. Any questions, call or txt me at 416-500-5437 🙂 Shop Now  

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