5 lbs Organic Raw Whole Hand Cracked Cashews

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These cashews come from small-scale organic cashew growers in Indonesia and develop both ecological sustainability throughout the growing area and economic viability for this beautiful product. The cashews are handpicked from organically certified trees. The nuts are then cracked open with traditional knives and hand-polished to remove the thin skin protecting the kernel. The result is a totally raw cashew kernel with incredibly sweet taste, a creamy, soft texture, and all of its enzymes intact.

These truly raw cashews are naturally high in beautifying oleic acid, which is also found in high amounts in raw, ripe olives. These truly raw, certified organic cashews are high in magnesium and manganese, and are a good source of selenium and zinc. The magnesium in our raw, organic cashews works to strengthen your digestion and to improve your flexibility, while manganese and selenium work together to rid the body of harmful oxidized cholesterol. Zinc is crucial for enzyme formation and reproductive health, making raw, organic cashews a valuable live food to add to any meal. With their high content of magnesium, these truly raw, organic cashews combine perfectly with any smoothie or shake made with raw, organic cacao (chocolate).

The traditional hand-processing used to reveal the true flavour of these raw, organic cashews is a labor of love that has nearly disappeared around the globe. Traditional producers on average can only prepare 2 kilos (4.4 pounds) of raw kernels daily. But the flavour difference between raw and conventionally processed cashews is unmistakable. Experience the DISTINCT difference in taste and quality!

NOTE: This product is 100% RAW.

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