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A sturdy yet lightweight nylon mesh bag that can be used over and over again to make your own nut milk, juice and/or sprouts. Has a handy drawstring to help get all the juice out of the pulp. These bags are almost a necessity for the living foods kitchen.

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A sturdy yet lightweight nylon mesh bag that can be used over and over again to make your own nut milk, juice and/or sprouts. Has a handy drawstring to help get all the juice out of the pulp. These bags are almost a necessity for the living foods kitchen.

The Art of Nut Milking

So at first glance this may seem a little strange to some people. How do you get milk out of nuts? What kind of nuts can I make milk with? What’s wrong with just buying almond milk from my local grocery store? Why should I make my own and how do I do it? What’s a nut milk bag?

First of all, nut milks are not made by squeezing or pressing a nut. If you do that, using a proper press machine, you will get oil and not nut milk. Nut milks are made by blending the nuts with water after they have been cleaned and soaked for about 8 hours then straining the liquid from the nut meal.

Now, If you think that the only nut milk that you can make is almond milk, you are definitely not thinking out of the box. There’s Brazil nut milk, cashew, milk, pecan milk, hazelnut milk, macadamia milk, sesame seed milk, walnut milk and more. Our favourites are the almond, cashew, and Brazil nut milks.

So with all these nut milks why not just buy them already made at the store. Well, have you ever picked up a carton of almond milk to look at the ingredients? You will find that they are loaded with added sugars, flavours, thickeners and also contain preservatives. Plus you will be lucky if you even find organic nut milk at your grocery store made from fresh raw nuts. More than likely, they are made with leftover bits and pieces of nuts that are not sellable or fresh. It’s just economics, but it’s also your health that we are talking about!. Plus you will be hard pressed to find any of the above mentioned nut milks except for almond milk and perhaps the latest crazes like cashew milk and coconut milk. Again both filled with unwanted, unhealthy ingredients, including preservatives and flavour enhancers. These do not taste anything like the real thing made fresh right in your kitchen.

When you make your own nut milks, or anything from scratch, you control exactly what goes in it and it tastes way better and so much fresher than the store bought Tetra packs. Plus you can fine tune it to make it taste exactly how you like it. You can sweeten it or flavour it with raw organic vanilla bean powder if you like or simply enjoy it plain and natural. You will be amazed at just how good it tastes compared to store bought milks. You can even sweeten and flavour it using dates or any other fruit or berry.

So how exactly do you make a nut milk? Well let’s start with the basics and we can tweak it a bit after. First let’s start with the equipment:

  1. High powered blender – the higher the power the smoother the milk
  2. Nut Milk Bag – special bag made of fine mesh used to strain the milk
  3. Measuring cup

Next you will need the basic ingredients:

  1. Your choice of nuts soaked for 8 hours to soften them. I often skip this step.
  2. I use a ratio of 10:1 water to nuts. So for 1/2 cup of nuts, add 5 cups water. Now you can experiment with this as  you may like your milk thicker and richer or you may like it thinner. 10:1 works really well for me. Most “recipes” call for a 4:1 ratio of water:nuts but personally I think that is overkill.

Extras to be added for more flavour if you desire:

  1. Raw organic Vanilla Bean powder (available here)
  2. 2 Dates with the pits removed or Sweetener of your choice to taste
  3. Pinch of Sea Salt


Rinse the soaked nuts thoroughly and add to the blender container. Add water and blend at high speed for a few minutes until it is smooth. Open the nut milk bag and pour the liquid into the bag while holding it over another container large enough to catch the strained milk.

When most of the liquid is through the bag then you want to close the top of the nut milk bag using the draw string and gently squeeze the remainder of the milk through the bag, as if you were milking a cow 🙂  CAUTION: DO NOT TWIST THE BAG OR WRING THE BAG OR THE BAG WILL TEAR AND YOU WILL HAVE A BIG MESS. Be gentle and take your time gently squeezing and milking the bag until only the thick nut meal remains behind. Once you are done you can save the nut meal to make other goodies. For example, you can dehydrate the nut meal and save it after every batch of milk until you have enough to make a nice big batch of cookies.

So there you go, you have fresh nut milk that will keep for 2-4 days in the refrigerator. Now time for the fun stuff.

What can you make with nut milk that tastes awesome? How about add some chocolate or carob. Or blend it with blueberries or strawberries. Use it as a base for your shake or smoothie, add it to coffee, tea or for your favourite latte or chai. Coconut milk is wonderful in soups and curries.

I also like Brazil nut milk with a bit of vanilla and nutmeg. For a sweetener you can use lucuma. Brazil nut milk has a creamier texture and also goes well with cacao powder. For an added punch, you can also use some Brazil nut or almond milk with 1 tablespoon of lavender flowers. Just make sure to drink this one up within a few hours since the lavender will be more and more potent as the drink sits.

The possibilities are endless, you just have to tune in to your imagination and experiment a little.

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