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GY INCAN SPIRULINA is a fresh-water blue-green algae that form spiralling, helical, microscopic strands that are smaller than the human eye can detect. The name “SPIRULINA” comes from this superfood’s spiral character.

GY INCAN SPIRULINA (Spirulina platens / Arthrospira platensis) is grown in a facility located in a pristine countryside valley nestled within the equatorial Andes Mountains at 9200 ft. elevation.  At such high altitudes the spirulina culture receives intense sun energy, and is fed with glacier spring water from Cotopaxi Volcano. GY INCAN SPIRULINA is grown in a revolutionary closed greenhouse system that eliminates environmental contamination and guarantees ample water circulation so you never get putrefied fishy smelling spirulina. It is then spray dried in a medical grade stainless steel drum. This drying technique ensures maximum potency as the temperature of the spirulina is minimized. GY INCAN SPIRULINA is superior to all other spirulina on the market. Try it today and you’ll understand why people ask for it by name!

 Spirulina platensis / Arthrospira platensis grows normally in water of high alkalinity, between 9 to 10 pH, while seawater normally has an alkalinity between 7 to 8 pH. High alkalinity, besides being a perfect growing media for GY Spirulina, protects the culture and growth media against excessive microbiological contamination as very few microorganisms can live in high pH, which is not particularly the case in seawater. GY Incan Spirulina is tested continually for microbiological contamination throughout the process- from culturing and growing to the end product.  We require a microbiological COA before any order is shipped to us in Canada. 

GY Spirulina is not certified organic because our supplier, through years of controlled experimentation and a dedication to producing ONLY the best and highest quality spirulina, has chosen to fertilize with pure, crystalline and innocuous fertilizers like urea, rather than with ‘organic’ varieties of feces like bat-,chicken-, seabird-, cattle and rotten materials which are normally used as ‘organic’ fertilizer.  Using these varieties of ‘organic’ fertilizer may work well in food grown in soil, however it is not ideal when growing food in a warm water based environment.  

Spirulina is a whole food that can be enjoyed in many ways. Try sprinkling GY Incan Spirulina on your salads, scrambled and hard boiled eggs, and added to smoothies, home made chocolate creations, and spring water for a refreshing cooling drink.

The WHO (World Health Organization) recognizes Spirulina as an important whole food for human consumption:

“For WHO, Spirulina represents an interesting food for multiple reasons, rich in iron and protein, and is able to be administered to children without any risk.  We at WHO consider it a very suitable food.” United Nations World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva, Switzerland June 8th, 1983

Serving Suggestion: GY Spirulina is a food, not a supplement, so eat it as you wish, paying close attention to how you feel. Try eating 5-30 g per serving, multiple times per day if desired. Start with ½ tsp. and work your way up to multiple tablespoons per day as desired.  Use common sense caution when introducing ANY new food into your diet and work your way up to higher amounts.