The Seasons of Well Being refer to distinct periods or rhythms in life that influence the way you perceive and act in the world. These periods, which appear to be universal in human experience, have predictable perceptions, actions, and developmental levels associated with them.

Dr. Mike Cohen will help you identify which Season you are in right now, and then teach you what to focus on and what types of practices and behaviors you can use to end pain and suffering in your mind and body.

There are 4 Seasons of Well Being:

  1. Discover – The Season of Discover refers to periods in your life when you are primarily being driven by fear and reaction or by the need for security or safety, especially when life circumstances appear to be changing rapidly. Whenever you feel disempowered, disconnected or somehow limited in your ability to enjoy life — seemingly because of your circumstances or situation — you are in the Season of Discover.
  2. Transform – The Season of Transform refers to periods in your life when you are primarily being driven by an inner-momentum that turns what previously seemed like “problems” into opportunities, goals, and reasons for deliberate action. Whenever you find yourself seeking autonomy, redefining who you are through empowered actions, and dissolving your attachments to any ideas, concepts, memories, and stories which had been limiting you, you are in the Season of Transform.
  3. Awaken – The Season of Awaken refers to periods in your life when you are primarily being compelled by an expanded, conscious and awakened perspective or sense of interdependence and interconnection. Whenever you are experiencing effortless being and knowing, and a deep authentic feeling of gratitude, awe, amazement, love, and benevolence, or you are called to selflessly give love, contribute to or serve others, you are in the Season of Awaken.
  4. Integrate – The Season of Integrate refers to a way of living your life based on an ability to consciously choose elements of the various Seasons, energies and types of intelligence that you are going to use, considering the resources that you have available, your current level of resourcefulness, your unique style, and the ways that you want to experience reality and share your gifts.